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That is, until his best-friend-and-occasional-sex-buddy makes an offer that he can't refuse, but will having a child complicate their relationship in ways Dean hadn't anticipated? In an AU where men are either omegas or alphas, Dean goes into heat in the middle of a hunt. You will find the fics arranged according to season. "Sure, Sammy. Below, is a list of fanfics Ive collected over the years. When Dean wakes up with all the wrong parts in all the right places, his primary concern is figuring out who stole his dick and how to get it back. fic | g | castiel/dean | pre-/post-pregnancy. Falling (Sam Winchester x fem!reader x Dean Winchester), Birth in the Bunker (Dean Winchester x fem!reader), My Demon King (Crowley x fem!Winchester reader), What Are You Doing?! For once he could look out for and protect HIS brother. Appreciating Jeffs attempt to distract him, he stuttered, that-that sounds terrifying.. Sam loves to feed from Dean. Sam, though, lives for this. Wherein Castiel broaches a delicate subject and Dean reacts unfavorably. Disclaimer: None of the following belongs to me, I am just playing in Kripke and WB/CW's sandbox for fun not profit. Pregnant and lonely, Omega!Dean needs something. Discovery. Dean Winchester is now the new Alpha(mateless) of the Winchester pack, handed down by his father. (We also accept donations year-round, so you are able to donate whenever is convenient for you. Dean Winchester Takes Care of Sam Winchester Protective Bobby Singer Parental Bobby Singer Bobby Singer's House Bobby Singer is Dean and Sam Winchester's Parent Alpha Bobby Singer Alpha Castiel (Supernatural) Scents & Smells Biting Knotting Marking Traumatized Dean Winchester Angels as Humans (Supernatural) Castiel/Dean Winchester Pregnancy And well get those two safely delivered on my office floor if we have to. His response was light and jovial and comforting as he talked to Jensen, his eyes friendly, but Jensen couldnt help but feel guilty. You had been pushing for what felt like hours. Your healing mojo must be off, Dean grumbled. This kis is coming and were the only ones here. I don't want to get anyone's hopes, I just came across this and I love what you have so far. ! screamed Dean.. The pup, my lord.. pl..please. This leads to a saddening and angelic hospital stay for Dean. I just want a lot of Dean holding his stomach protectively and John feeling guilty for being an asshole to Dean when he needed him the most. Dean is pregnant. This list contains only non-slash work. 2 -Not a Weakness(Crowley x fem!Winchester reader), Age Don't Mean a Thing (John Winchester x fem!reader), Two Demons & a Winchester (Crowley x fem!reader x Cain), Three's Company (Crowley x fem!Winchester reader x Cain)AU, Spilled Coffee (Dean Winchester x reader), FanfictionReally?! I did a bit ago. ! you asked as yet another contraction hit you. Hed been doing a pretty good job of keeping his shit together and not freaking out up until this point, but he just couldnt do it alone anymore. He looked like he didnt fully believe you, but dropped it for now. fic | r | dean/sam | pregnancy | cursed pregnancy; domestic; whump. The boys are on the run, with demons at their heels and a curse that makes things all the more complicated. Embarrassingly, a few tears slid down his cheeks. Youre doing, great, Jared wholeheartedly encouraged. Dean is given to Sam for marriage in a political move made by his brother. He loves sucking on Dean's nipples, pulling the milk from them, and fingers Dean or plays with Dean's cock while he does it. Before Jeff could respond, all three of them turned to the window when finally sirens were heard approaching the building. Not much had changed for him, he didn't look pregnant yet, but he felt bloated constantly. 'You're not a pawn, Dean. It started with the heat. Relatively speaking. You are not getting that close to her- You used your free hand to grab Deans flannel and pull him closer to you. Jensen and Jared are in for another surprise. Sweat broke out across his brow as he pushed, his vision tunneled, mind narrowing down to a single point, a single thought, his only concern delivering the twins. He was definitely in labor. Jared. Doesn't really matter that neither Winchester boy was really ready for children. You got nothing to worry about.. Sam was a different story altogether. He never expected to stumble upon an old family curse that caused pregnancy in men. Castiel wrestles with this new insecurity, while Dean does everything in his power. His Professor wrapped his newborn in his coat, before carefully setting him down on the couch and returning quickly to Jensens side. Something is wrong with Dean, something that will change his life and the lives of everyone around him forever. And since you guys started the freaking apocalypse, Im having to work overtime to replace all the people whove died. For four days my battalion had to hold our position, defend our make shift fortress or risk being completely annihilated or worse, made into POWs., As the next wave of pain hit his stomach like a bullet, Jensen pushed through the pain, holding back everything behind clenched teeth except for a pathetic whimper. Watching his dogs fuck a very pregnant Dean, much to Dean's discomfort/pain. Dean has been feeling a little less sexy since the baby. And the twins being just like their dad. Well call an ambulance. You can do this. Work Search: Youre no fun, you know that, right? Dean pouts and crosses his arms like a petulant child, but its fine. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (26), Jensen Ackles/Original Male Character(s) (3), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Jared Padalecki/Original Male Character(s), Your Soul I Come Home To, Together We Make Another Anew, | Translation in Russian. Right before Jensen's arranged marriage with the actual father, Jared finds that he can't handle this crazy little thing called love. Take the baby! he demanded. Sam was still pretty worried about well, about a lot of things really, but had decided it would be better to just keep his concerns to himself from here on out. You still with me, son?. Hey, you okay? Sam asked. It hurt, it hurt so bad and Jared wasnt there to make him feel better. Dean must suffer the consequences after a hunt for a witch alters the Winchesters lives in a way they could never have imagined. fic | nc-17 | dean/sam | pre-pregnancy | alpha/beta/omega; knotting; self-lubrication. I dont think theyre going to get here in time, he quietly admitted. His water breaks and he has a very painful contraction and Professor Jeff Morgan helps him. And you had a beautiful, healthy baby boy from it. Woah, calm down, son. I cant. He wasnt ready for this. Ngh, he gasped and put a comforting hand on his belly as another faux contraction assaulted his stomach. Take the baby, he gasped out to Jeff as the man finished clamping and cutting the umbilical cord. Jeffs soothing voice was like aloe on a hot burn, and while he couldnt make out all the words in his haze of pain and single-minded concentration on birthing his children, he heard enough to get the gist. He vaguely remembered Jeff telling him I can see the head, but it was lost in the haze. I want to do the same for you," Amara had told him. In this AU, Men do not get pregnant!Warnings: Mpreg, porny parts(mild!). They always did say that opposites attract. Hes so tiny, Dean whispered, running his finger over the back of his sons hand. fic | nc-17 | dean/sam | pregnancy | fingering; lactation. ! Dean nodded and didnt say another word. The reason Dean is nesting in season 8? He's instantly fascinated by Dean, and after a while he invites him out for coffee. His two sons were not being born today! Jensen offered a watery smile in return. Not today. | #fanfiction He knows just the bitches to start having his puppies for him. Is that what all the weird looks were about? Again, you nodded. fic | nc-17 | gabriel/sam, castiel/dean (side pairing) | pre- (Gabriel) and post-pregnancy (Dean) | alpha/beta/omega; heat/mating cycles; knotting; pregnancy kink; self-lubrication; size kink. In fact, now was Sam's chance to finally repay his debt. While Dean is hesitant to get into a relationship (both because of his self esteem and his worry that Castiel won't like/care for his baby), Castiel's willing to take his time winning him over, and show him that he loves every last bit of him. Hed done well enough on previous tests and assignments that he didnt even need to do all that well on this test. Hes driving Sam crazy and its up to Sam to show Dean that its okay to relax and enjoy the holiday. Cas loses control of his depleted grace and accidentally gets Dean pregnant. He can either go into labor while taking the exam or while handing his exam into the professor. The demon could be the little girl with her mother, the old man sitting in . Eloise by Shadow_Of_Castiel His professor eased him onto the floor of his office, situated so he could lean against the couch. In fact, two someones, to always remind Jared why things were still worth it, as they were. 2 (Dean Winchester x reader), Still Beautiful (Sam Winchester x fem!reader), One Kiss is All it Takes (Benny Lafitte x fem!reader), Hunt Gone Wrong (Charlie Bradbury x fem!reader), Hunters in Love (Bobby Singer x fem!reader), To Kill or Cure (Team Free Will x fem!demon reader), Mr. Fizzles Approves (Garth Fitzgerald IV x reader), He Can't Help But Stare (Cain x fem!Winchester reader), Charade (Crowley x fem!Winchester reader), Personalities (Sam Winchester x fem!reader), First Day on the Job(Dean Winchester x fem!demon reader), Hunter's Care (Sam Winchester x reader x Dean Winchester), Devil of a Choice(Sam Winchester x reader x Lucifer), Set Up (Team Free Will x fem!reader x Gabriel) High school AU, Overprotective Winchesters(Kevin Tran x fem!Winchester reader), First Day on the Job Pt. His next cognizant moment was the clear cry of his baby in the otherwise silent office, and then a tiny little body was placed gently in his arms, which still felt like jello and didnt feel nearly strong enough to hold such a great responsibility. Sort of. Jensen nodded dumbly and let himself be led by Jeff when all he really wanted to do was lie down. Jeff urgently, but gently, took his son from his arms as Jensen writhed in pain on the ground, a fresh set of contractions stealing his breath away and forcing a startled cry past clenched teeth. You can bring our baby into the world. With Deans encouragement and a sniffle, you prepared to push again. John doesn't accept that his eldest Son is gay and kicks him out of the motel room where they are staying. Knowing he slept with Brady both before and after he was possessed, Sam worries about what might be growing inside of him finally calling his brother and father for help. Then again, things were progressing so quickly that he still might not have had enough time to make it to the hospital. Couldnt be far from the front line, in case anyone needed immediate medical attention, you know? The pain was too much. DEAN! An Archive of Our Own, a project of the ncy test reads positive that Dean realises they're gonna have to talk about it. Once you were situated, Sam cleared his throat. Its too soon, Jensen cried out on the verge of completely breaking down. This was planned, written down clearly on his planner, and this wasnt supposed to happen. Dazed from the last contraction, it took him a few moments to realize something wet and slimy was running down his legs. Dean and Cas, friends since college, have a one night stand. The phone rings. I didn't know him. The only things that make Dean important are that he looks good with a dog on top of him, and his stomach is fucking gorgeous all swollen out from, fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, sam/gabriel | pregnancy | cursed pregnancy, Im a Sower. Jensen still cant explain why to this day, but the sound of Jeffs serious and concerned voice, one look at his tiny little baby mewling softly on the couch, and the stress and pain of the situation and suddenly he burst out crying. Jensen couldn't get the nagging feeling out of his head that he wanted to add another child to their family. Too startled to protest, and not about to cross a very pregnant Jensen, the few remaining students quickly handed in their tests before fleeing the room. I figured out pretty quickly she was in labor, Jeffs gruff voice cut through the agony. Title: It's all about family Rating: NC-17 Warnings: Mpreg, Graphic birth, Wincest. Author: Sexytexanjra Pairing/s: None Word Count: just over 8,000 (yup this was trying t, Fanfic: Forty Weeks Ch 1, Supernatural | FanFiction, Fanfic: Pregnant Pause Ch 1, Supernatural | FanFiction, The following stories are all pregnant!Cas because thats my specialty. By this point Jensen was starting to panic a little. " Singer". fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pre-pregnancy |. fic | r | castiel/dean | pregnancy | christmas fic. Being a week early they threw all his plans out the window. When Dean unexpectedly goes into heat, a soulless Sam offers to help him through it. Dean Winchester has always wanted a family, but at thirty-five its starting to look like he may never get his wish. Jensen wasnt so sure. Anytime he asked you if you were okay, youd put on a smile and assure him that you were and it was probably just the discomfort of being nine months pregnant with his kid. The bar erupted into applause again as the dying chord rang out and Castiel dared to open his eyes and turned to see Dean. All he wanted was for Jared to be with him right now to comfort him and hold his hand and tell him everything was going to be okay. mike kroeger angela kroeger, virgo weekly horoscope career, how to move things theme park tycoon 2,

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